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Hello! We're so glad you've decided to join our online community.

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Weight Watchers
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This is YOUR community. So please keep it friendly and safe. By participating, you're agreeing to observe all of our Community Standards and Conduct Guidelines, which are part of our Terms and Conditions. Here are some reminders:

BE COURTEOUS AND TOLERANT. Through this online community, you will meet many new friends. Please be respectful and tolerant of everyone you meet, even if you disagree with their viewpoint or opinion. Don't use language that is abusive, harassing, threatening, hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable. Pleas do not engage in personal attacks.

KEEP IT G-RATED. You are encouraged to freely express yourself, but we ask that you do so without resorting to vulgar or obscene language. Postings that contain vulgar or obscene language will not be tolerated in our community and may be removed. This includes photos, so please keep them tasteful. We want everyone to feel comfortable here.

SPAM IS BAD. This is a commercial and solicitation-free community. Never post any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional items, junk mail or "spam." Soliciting may include promoting a home business, charity drives, items for auction, etc., as well as information such as a contact address or web URL.

DON'T POST INFORMATION COPYRIGHTED BY OTHERS. Information copyrighted or owned by others, including Weight Watchers® POINTS PLUS values of foods, should not be posted in our community. Please be aware that if you post any copyrighted information, you will be held responsible. Lighten Up SGV! is not responsible for any posts that violate copyright laws.

ASK FOR HELP Our Message Boards are a great place to offer and receive support on your weight loss journey. However, if you need some assistance with the functionality of the site, please ask. Our friendly Customer Service team is ready to assist you.

WE RESERVE OUR RIGHTS. We reserve the right to remove any postings on our boards. If you fail to observe our Community Standards and Conduct Guidelines, we may terminate your participation in the Community.

REPORTING A POST. If you see a post that violates our rules, please help by clicking on the "Report This Post" link under the offensive post. Then select your reason for reporting from the pull-down menu. You can also type in any additional comments you may have. Then click "Send" and we'll handle the rest. Avoid reporting posts or threads based on the identity of individuals but rather on the actual content of their post or profile. Our community team will not take sides of a conflict and will only act on specific violations.

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