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Posted on: 17-May-2018 11:45pm

Best Calorie Counters?

Hi,I've been considering trying out a calorie-counting website/app (both, preferably) these past few days and would like to hear your guys' opinions on which are the best. I've tried myfitnesspal and Fat Secret in the past, but I never really stuck with them (I don't remember the exact reason why). I'd ideally like something like NutraCheck (but free, of course free is essential) where I can log what I have (in what quantities) on my phone and/or computer by typing in the brand name and keeping an accurate log that way as well as what exercise I do (ideal, but not essential). From your experience, what are the best apps?Please help.I did not find the right solution from the internet.References: Wallet MarketingThank
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