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Posted on: 17-May-2018 11:45pm

Unable to lose weight but counting calories very closely

Hi,I have been using FITBIT for several months now. Following the suggested calorie intake. Have some questions if anyone could answer for me. When I exercise, I notice the calorie intake is increased on the dashboard. For a majority of the time, I do not consume the calories allocated to me. I am exercising at least 30 minutes walk daily, and when I can, I also take another walk in the afternoon increasing to 1 hour day walking. This might happen about 1 - 2 times week. I always try to do 10,000 steps daily, this easily occurs when I walk for 1 hour. However over that time I have not lost any weight. Very frustrating. I am also on the 2 and 5 diet (two days of 500 calories per week) Still no weight loss. Can anyone help me ?Please help.I did not find the right solution from the internet.References: Trading MarketingThank
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