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Posted on: 5-May-2018 5:09am

lost weight/gained weight


This was seem like a silly/trivial problem but it does bother me.
I have to admit when I started the chemo I was overweight. I started in Jun 06 and by Dec I had lost 25 pounds, Everyone told me how great I looked even thought I know I looked horrible ( looking at some holiday picture besides being the palest person ever I had this look of utter terror and confusion at the same time. I did enjoy being thinner and fitting into the smallest size since I don't even remember. what I didn't like was how people said well it's good you had some weigh to lose other wise you would look much worst( thanks I was fat before and now I look bad). Well in the last 4 months I have gained about 10 pounds back. Not really sure how I still don't really feel hungry but I guess not getting sick every day is probably the cause. I am average now (the weight I tried to diet down to for the last ??? years. So why can't I be happy?. I miss being at my thinnest and have just started dieting this week. But it's even harder than I remembered. I don't miss being sick ever time I ate or unable to drink/eat anything even remotely cool but I do miss being thinner.
anyone else have any weight issues?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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