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Posted on: 2-Nov-2016 7:07pm

Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Getting your children to eat healthy can often seem like a daunting task when processed, sugar heavy foods are so convenient. Cultivating an environment where your children learn to make smarter choices about the food they are ingesting is one of the most important steps you can take as a parent to ensure the health of your child.Here are a few tips to create a positive environment for your child and family.

  • Keep Healthy Alternatives Within Arms Reach – Keeping healthier food options within your child’s reach encourages healthier selections. Keep fresh fruit in a bowl on the table and whole-grains on the lower level shelves in your pantry.

  • Encourage Their Selections – If your child opts for fruit or vegetable over fatty, fried, unhealthy foods, give them an encouraging smile and praise.

  • Get Them Involved – Encourage your child to cook meals with you in the kitchen. Kids learn from observing their surrounds and by interacting with their environment. The next time you prepare family dinner night, pull up a stool and allow them to assist in the process.

  • Family Dinner Nights – With everyone’s busy schedule it can be hard to nail down a time where all can get together for a family meal. Start with one night a week and gradually build from there until it becomes a sustainable habit.

  • Consult your Pediatrician – It is always wise to consult your Pediatrician or your Primary Care Physician when trying to alter or change your child’s eating habits.

Most importantly, as parents, we need to remember to set an example for our children. If kids see us opting for healthier meal choices, it will encourage them to follow suit.

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