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Posted on: 2-Nov-2016 7:02pm

Tips and Tricks to Beat Holiday Snack Attacks

The holidays can be a challenging time for anyone who is starting or continuing on their quest to lose weight. Here are a few helpful tips to help you curb the proverbial 3pm office cravings during the holiday season.

Keep healthy snacks at the office

Stash healthy foods in or at your desk and keep the communal goodies out of sight.

Don't Splurge

Before you indulge in your favorite chocolate bar try eating something healthy, like your favorite fruit or mixed nuts. Controlling portions is especially important during the holiday season. Don’t deprive yourself of your grandmother’s pie, just eat smaller portions.

Slow Down

Between each bite put your fork down while chewing and remember to take a drink of water. These minor changes in habit can make quite the difference. By putting your fork down and drinking water, it allows your body the time it needs to signal your brain that it is satisfied.

For more tips and tricks, enjoy this how-to guide from the American Heart Association.
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