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Blog Posts in 2016

Lighten Up SGV 2017 Program Announcement

After the success of the 2016 Lighten Up SGV! Program, we are proud to announce we will be continuing the program in 2017. The first weigh-in and healthy partner fair will be held Saturday, January 28 ...
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Snacking Your Way to Health

Snacking is important for those looking to lose weight. Here are two great options for those who enjoy eating an afternoon snack. Crispy Spiced Chickpeas Ingredients: • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika ...
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New Year, New Resolutions

As we near the end of the year, it is the perfect time to reflect and look back at all our successes and places where you can improve. If you are like most people, dieting will be on the top of your ...
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Transform Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but there might still be some of that food lingering in your refrigerator. With so many components, there are endless possibilities. Here are 50+ ideas for you to ...
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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Looking for the perfect dessert to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner? Delight your entire family with these lower sugar, whole-grain packed holiday treats. Fresh Gingerbread Squares Ingredients: 4 ...
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Get Up and Get Moving

November is National Diabetes month and we want to share how important it is that you get out off the couch and exercise. “Exercise is by far the most important healthy lifestyle choice we can ...
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Elevating the Community's Health

At Citrus Valley Health Partners, we strive to be an integral partner in elevating our community’s health. We offer an extensive curriculum of classes and community events that span across ...
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Lighten Up SGV! 2016 Program Conclusion

The Lighten Up SGV! Program culminated Saturday, November 5th, with the final community weigh-in of the year. There were more than 40 program participants in attendance for the final event to re-check ...
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7 Proven Ways to Lose Weight on Autopilot

“Eat less, move more.” This is the message we receive from various health gurus and nutrition organizations. They assume that the only reason people gain or lose weight is because of ...
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Here's the best time of day to work out to lose weight

You've committed to squeezing in a workout between your commute and your desk job, but before you embark on this new regimen, you want to know: When's the best time to exercise to ensure ...
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5 reasons you're not losing weight

"Summer is around the corner, and some of us still want to lose those last few pounds of “winter weight.” Despite calorie restricted dieting and increased physical activity, the ...
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Boosting Metabolism May Help With Weight Loss; 7 Ways To Ramp It Up

"People who want to lose weight often focus on boosting their metabolism. After all, a faster metabolism will burn more calories, even when you're sitting. But it turns out there are a number ...
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Drinking Water Can Help Cut Calories

Hoping to eat less? Drink up! Water that is. A study looking at data from more than 18,000 adults finds that drinking extra water is associated with consuming fewer calories, providing more proof that ...
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How Peanut Butter Can Help You Hit Your Weight Loss Goals

"Feel guilty about eating high-calorie peanut butter every day? Don't. New research finds a good reason to keep loading up on peanut buttery goodness—as if you needed an excuse." A ...
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10 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

The key to successful weight loss is more than just finding a solid diet. Its about establishing and maintaining a lifestyle that will support your diet. In this article you will find a variety of ...
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These are the two biggest myths about how to lose weight, according to a Harvard nutrition expert

We've all heard many schemes about how amazing new diet fads and get fit quick shortcuts, but many of these tips and tricks are false claims to reach a skinnier you. Click here to check out what ...
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Eating Right Isn't Complicated

Eating right doesn't have to be complicated — simply begin to shift to healthier food and beverage choices. These recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans can help get you ...
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